11 Aug 2013  |  7pm  |  Decibel Series at The Slowdown  |  Omaha, NE

Ensemble Dal Niente teams up with Omaha's experimental theater group Aetherplough, including new works for saxophone by Chace Wall, David Lang, Philippe Leroux, and Marcos Balter. More info here


7 Sept 2013  |  6pm  |  Color Field Festival for Contemporary Music  |  Madison, WI 

The Color Field Ensemble's annual festival features a concert by Anubis Quartet at Frequency (121 W Main St, Madison) with works by Dai Fujikura, Steve Reich, Chris Fisher-Lochhead, Alex Mincek, Franco Donatoni, Marcos Balter, and a world premiere for saxophone quartet and soprano voice by Monte Weber. More info here


16 Sept 2013  |  Swift Elementary School  |  Chicago, IL 

The Listening Room education event with International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). 


20 Sept 2013  |  Chicago Music Summit  |  Chicago, IL 

Ensemble Dal Niente performs in Preston Bradley Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center for the first-ever Chicago Music Summit. Program includes Anthony Cheung's "Refrain from Riffing" for alto saxophone and scordatura harp.


22 Sept 2013  |  8:30pm  |  HOT : CD Release Concert at Constellation  |  Chicago, IL  

Ryan Muncy celebrates the release of his first album - Hot - on New Focus Recordings with a free concert at Constellation's Frequency Series featuring works by Anthony Cheung, Aaron Cassidy, Chaya Czernowin, and Andrea Agostini, and Giacinto Scelsi. Ben Melsky joins on harp. More info about the album can be found here. More info about the concert here


27 Sept 2013  |  8pm  |  Music by Katherine Young at Defibrillator  |  Chicago, IL  

Diligence is to Magic as Progress is to Flight : a new large-scale work for solo violin and chamber orchestra performed by violinist J. Austin Wulliman at Defibrillator performance art gallery (1136 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago). 


17 Oct 2013  |  Bowling Green State University New Music Festival  |  Bowling Green, OH

Ensemble Dal Niente's first concert at the BGSU New Music Festival includes works by Marcos Balter, Johannes Kreidler, and Stefan Prins. 


18 Oct 2013  |  Bowling Green State University New Music Festival  |  Bowling Green, OH

Dal Niente's feature concert includes world premieres by George Lewis and Mikel Kuehn, as well as other works by Evan Johnson, Rebecca Saunders, and Enno Poppe.


19 Oct 2013  |  Bowling Green State University New Music Festival  |  Bowling Green, OH

World premiere of Marcos Balter's new work for solo baritone saxophone


29 Oct 2013  |  Northern Illinois University New Music Festival  |  DeKalb, IL

Performance of works by Mincek and Donatoni at NIU's annual new music festival.


5 Nov 2013  |  7:30pm  |  Liquid Music at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Center  |  St. Paul, MN 

Ensemble Dal Niente's program at the SPCO's innovative Liquid Music Series includes works by Stefen Prins, Enno Poppe, and Rebecca Saunders. More info here


14 Nov 2013  |  6:30pm  |  Latino Music Festival at the Harold Washington Library  |  Chicago, IL

Ensemble Dal Niente's concert at the LMF features the US premieres of Mauricio Pauly's Apartamento Polsen Apartamento Peterson and Ileana Valesquez's Del falso amor impuro. More info here


14 Dec 2013  |  9pm  |   Spectrum  |  New York, NY

World premiere of Morgan Krauss' Divide Its White Laughter Into Two, a new 30-minute song cycle for bassoon and baritone saxophone with Rebekah Heller. 


18 Dec 2013  |  8pm  |  Inside Out: Talea Ensemble plays Georges Aperghis  |  New York, NY

Performance of Rasch  for soprano saxophone and viola with Elizabeth Weisser at Speyer Hall, University Settlement. More information here


17 Jan 2014  |  Stanford University Residency  |  Stanford, CA

Ensemble Dal Niente caps off its week-long residency at Stanord University with a concert of new works by graduate student composers. 


18 Jan 2014  |  The Center for New Music  |  San Francisco, CA

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett and Ryan Muncy present music for voice, saxophone, and electronics, including pieces by Marcos Balter, Philippe Leroux, George Aperghis, and Morgan Krauss. More info here.  


21 Jan 2014  |  11am  |  School of Music Convocation - Northern Illinois University  |  DeKalb, IL

An address to the entire School of Music at Northwestern Illinois University about arts entrepreneurship, the future of music ensembles, and how students can be prepared for the business of music after graduation.


24 Jan 2014   |  Civic Orchestra of Chicago: Arts Entrepreneurship Residency  |  Chicago, IL

Ensemble Dal Niente spends an entire day with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, publicly rehearsing and speaking on issues of arts entrepreneurship and music careers.


30 Jan 2014  |  8pm  |  Faculty Recital - Northern Illinois University  |  DeKalb, IL    

Includes guest collaborator David Wegehaupt for Eric Wubbels' This Is This Is This Is. 


2 Feb 2014  |  8:30pm  |  Frequency Series at Constellation: Anubis Quartet  |  Chicago, IL    

Anubis Quartet performs at Constellation, including works by Eric Wubbels and Robin Hoffman.  


4 Feb 2014  |  7:30pm  |  Univeristy of Chicago Presents - Contempo: Myth and Awakening  |  Chicago, IL

Anubis Quartet performs Lei Liang's Yuan  at the University of Chicago's Logan Center for the Arts in a program that also features performances of works by Brett Dean and Augusta Read Thomas by eighth blackbird. More info here


5-7 Feb 2014  |  ICElab: Juan Camilo Hernandez Sanchez  |  New York, NY

Collaborative and workshop sessions with the International Contemporary Ensemble and composer Juan Camilo Hernandez Sanchez, culminating in a public presentation of the work-in-progress.


12 Feb 2014  |  4pm  |  Arts Entrepreneurship Talk - Indiana Unversity  |  Bloomington, IN

As a guest of IU's Project Jumpstart program, Muncy will speak with music majors about arts entrepreneurship and careers in music.  


13 Feb 2014  |  6:30pm  |  Saxophone Masterclass - Indiana University  |  Bloomington, IN


13 Feb 2014  |  8:30pm  |  Ensemble Dal Niente - Indiana University Residency  |  Bloomington, IN

Ensemble Dal Niente performs a program of classics in the Recital Hall of Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music. 


14 Feb 2014  |  5pm  |  Ensemble Dal Niente - Indiana University Residency  |  Bloomington, IN

Special performance at the Grunwald Art Gallery featuring the world premiere of The Dark Zone by Aaron Travers for seven instruments with video projections by Arthur Liu. 


28 Feb 2014  |  Harvard University: Fromm Concert Series  |  Cambridge, MA

Concert #1 of Ensemble Dal Niente's residency at Harvard University's Fromm Concert Series.  


1 Mar 2014   |  Harvard University: Fromm Concert Series  |  Cambridge, MA

Concert #2 of Ensemble Dal Niente's residency at Harvard University's Fromm Concert Series.  


4 Mar 2014   |  8pm  | ICE at The Stone  |  New York, NY

Featuring Morgan Krauss' Divide Its White Laughter Into Two, a cycle for bassoon and baritone saxophone performed by Rebekah Heller and Ryan Muncy. More info here


7 Mar 2014   |  8pm  | Talea Ensemble: Vienna Reinvented  |  New York, NY

Featuring the U.S. Premiere of Pierluigi Billone's Mani.Long at the Bohemian National Hall. More info here


18 Mar 2014  |  Western Michigan University Residency  |  Kalamazoo, MI

Ensemble Dal Niente's residency concert includes Anthony Cheung's Refrain from Riffing for alto saxophone and harp. 


21 Mar 2014   |  Talea Ensemble at East Carolina New Music Festival  |  Greenville, NC

Performance of Pierluigi Billone's Mani.Long at East Carolina University. More info here


23 Mar 2014   |  7:30pm  |  ICE at the MCA Chicago: Alvin Lucier   |  Chicago, IL

The International Contemporary Ensemble and Alvin Lucier present a one-of-a-kind portrait of this master of sound and space. More information here


27 Mar 2014   |  8pm  |  Guest Artist Concert - Boston Conservatory  |  Boston, MA

Concert of new music for saxophone, including works by Evan Johnson, Marcos Balter, and Chaya Czernowin (8pm - T401), as well as a guest artist masterclass (5-7pm, Seully Hall) at the Boston Conservatory.


28 Mar 2014   |  3pm  |  Guest Artist Masterclass - Boston Conservatory  |  Boston, MA


29 Mar 2014   |  Talea Ensemble at Brandeis University  |  Waltham, MA

Performance of Pierluigi Billone's Mani.Long at Talea Ensemble's Brandeis University Residency. More info here.  


31 Mar 2014  |  Red Note New Music Festival at Illinois State University  |  Normal, IL

Dal Niente's first concert at the Red Note Music Festival features music by Lee Hyla, the festival's composer in residence, including his first work for saxophone Pre-Amnesia .


1 Apr 2014  |  Red Note New Music Festival at Illinois State University  |  Normal, IL

The second concert of the Red Note Festival includes new pieces for mixed ensemble by the festival's student workshop participants. 


10 Apr 2014  |  Miller Theater Composer Portraits: ICE plays Liza Lim  |  New York, NY

Performance with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) featuring the US premiere of Lim's Mother Tongue for soprano voice and ensemble. More info here


16-17 Apr 2014  |  Guest Artist Residency at West Virginia University  |  Morgantown, WV

Including a guest artist concert on the evening of April 16th featuring works by Marcos Balter, Chaya Czernowin, and Andrea Agostini, and a masterclass with the WVU saxophone studio on April 17th. 


26-27 Apr 2014  |  Northwestern University New Music Conference  |  Evanston, IL

Ensemble Dal Niente is an ensemble-in-residence for the first-ever conference for new music at Northwestern University. Brian Ferneyhough is the conference's guest composer, and Dal Niente's performance will include his works alongside those of Hans Thomalla and winners of a call for scores. 


4 May 2014  |  3pm  |  Marcos Balter: 40th Birthday Portrait at the Chicago Cultural Center  | Chicago, IL

Ryan Muncy, Claire Chase, Nadia Sirota, and Rebekah Heller team up for a special portrait concert to celebrate Marcos Balter's 40th birthday. The concert includes a new quartet for the four players, as well as Strohbass  for bass flute and baritone saxophone, Ut  for viola, And Also a Foundation for bassoon, and a new work for solo baritone saxophone. 


25 May 2014  |  8:30pm  |  Constellation's Frequency Series - PROXIMITY: Raphaël Cendo  |  Chicago, IL 

Dal Niente brings controversial French composer Raphaël Cendo to Chicago for a program that features the world premiere of his new work for flute, clarinet, saxophone, horn, percussion, piano, violin, cello, and bass.


29 May 2014  |  Arts Club of Chicago: Et al.  |  Chicago, IL 

In it's first public event, the Arts Club of Chicago invites Ensemble Dal Niente, Lucky Plush Dance Company, and The Hypocrites, to present a joint evening-length event which showcases contemporary music, dance, and theater. More information here


2-6 June 2014  |  ICElab: Sabrina Schroeder  |  Mt. Tremper, NY

Collaborative and workshop sessions with the International Contemporary Ensemble and composer Sabrina Schroeder, culminating in a public presentation of her work-in-progress.


8 June 2014  |  Music of Chace Wall and Monte Weber at Constellation  |  Chicago, IL

Frequency Series features the music of Chace Wall and Monte Weber, including Wall's Contritus for baritone saxophone and electric guitar, as well as Weber's Visions a new multimedia experience for solo tenor saxophonist who also manipulates video and audio playback. 


14-16 June 2014  |   ICE: Listening Room Educational Outreach  |  Chicago, IL

Educational programming in Chicago with the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). 


25 June 2014  |  Parlous Tapes+ Recording Session  |  Chicago, IL

Recording Session for violinist J. Austin Wulliman's upcoming album featuring Ensemble Dal Niente and composer Katherine Young, to be released by Parlour Tapes+. 


11-12 July 2014  |  ICE at Mt. Tremper: Music of Nathan Davis and Chrisian Wolff  |  Mt. Tremper, NY

Five-day residency at Mt. Tremper Arts culminating in concerts of music by Nathan Davis, featuring Cipher for baritone saxophone and live electronics, and Christian Wolff, who creates a new ensemble work for ICE. 


18-31 July 2014  |  Walden Chamber Players  |  Dublin, NH

Residency at the Walden School as part of the Walden Chamber Players, featuring several concerts of works by established and young composers.